The Lighthouse

St. Augustine Lighthouse

I think from now on I'm going to post stories on Wednesday that coincide with investigations done on TAPS (if I can). This week they got overwhelming evidence. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find much information beyond what was said on tonight's episode.

St. Augustine Lighthouse was originally built in 1824 and owned by Dr. Alan Ballard. He was forced to sell it to the government in 1865 because it was thought the ocean would eventually swallow it. After the Civil War, Florida's funds were depleted and offered to buy it for substantially less than it was worth. Ballard refused to sale it. The government threatened to take it via eminent domain and give him nothing. Ballard became outraged and vowed to never leave the lighthouse. Some say he kept his vow and can be seen in and around the property.
The keeper, Peter Rasmussen, was always seen enjoying a cigar, and had a reputation for being a very strict manager and quite meticulous when it came to maintaining the lighthouse. Today, the scent of Rasmussen's cigar can still be detected several times a week, say the people who staff the lighthouse today.
Rasmussen may not be the only cigar smoking spirit at the lighthouse. Some say that the cigar smoke, footsteps on the tower stairs, and the figure spotted at the top of the lighthouse could be that of Joseph Andreu, a keeper that died in the 1850's when he fell from painting the previous 1824 tower.
The most well-known of the St. Augustine Lighthouse ghosts would be that of the 13 and 15 yr. old daughters of Hezekiah Pity. Pity was hired to renovate the lighthouse in the late 1800s. One day, in 1873, Eliza, 13, and Mary, 15, were playing around the grounds and despite the warning of their father, climbed in the cart used for carrying building materials from the bay to the lighthouse. Both girls drowned when it broke loose and slid down a hill and into the bay. Today, the two girls can be heard laughing in the tower late at night. The eldest Pity girl is also spotted from time to time, wearing the same blue velvet dress and blue hair bow she died in.
I also found a story about thirteen pirates who died and was buried behind the lighthouse. The city of St. Augustine housed many pirates at one point in time. So, this story could be true as well.
Despite those mentioned above, it is possible that St. Augustine Lighthouse is the home of many more spirits. You never know what spirit you may run into upon visiting the lighthouse.

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  2. St. Augustine Light House, I saw man figure, in cloak, to the left of house on front lawn. It was around 10:00 at night. I was getting off boat, anchored in Salt Run. No one was around, light house closed. Very unusual to see, that time of night.Made me a believer.